Grill Docs comes to you and gives your BBQ that long overdue deep clean.
House call appointments typically last about 90 minutes (2+ hours for larger grills) and our service helps:

  1. Remove Harmful Carcinogens that can be passed onto your food while cooking.
  2. Prevent future corrosion on the grill.
  3. Prolong the life of your grill.
  4. Remove grease to reduce the risk of a grease fire.


Depending on the size of grill, pricing ranges from:
$135 (3 Burner Grills & Small Smokers) to $255 (5+ Burner Grills & Large Built-Ins)

For an estimate: Text a photo of grill to 208-985-4141 (or email   )

From there, we will set up a time for a House Call and get your grill back to optimum health.


In addition to making your grill shine, we can help repair and replace parts. Please mention any existing issues when you call/text for a clean. If you just need your grill repaired or new parts, please call or text 208-985-4141 .

Before and after of grill